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Verbs are a class of words that express action or movement, existence, achievement, state or condition of the subject.

Morphologically, verbs in Spanish are formed by two parts: the root and the verb ending.

The verb ending is used to establish agreement in number and person with the grammatical subject, and to express notions of mood and tense corresponding to the sentence.

There are three major conjugation groups: verbs whose infinitives end in -ar, -er, and -ir. When we conjugate verbs, the verb ending depends on this ending.

≈ Regarding the endings of verbs, in Spanish there are three types:

  • 1st conjugation – verbs ending in -ar. Comprar
  • 2nd conjugation – verbs ending in -er. Comer
  • 3rd conjugation – verbs ending in -ir. Vivir

It’s important to know the three conjugations because when we study verb tenses, we’ll see that verbs can change depending on the conjugation to which they belong.

Verbs have verbal flexion in number (singular, plural), person (first, second, third), tense (present, past, future), and mood (indicative, subjunctive, imperative).

But we should also be aware that there are three verb tenses that do not present this flexion: infinitive, gerund, and participle.

≈ In Spanish, there are regular and irregular verbs, depending on whether or not they follow the general accent rules.

In regular verbs, the root of the verb doesn’t change.

Compr ar                     Com  er                        Viv  ir

root                             root                               root


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