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First of all, I would like to thank you for choosing the Spanish blog of SPANiCENTER to improve your Spanish and give us the opportunity to teach you the fantastic world of Spanish-speaking culture. With this blog, we aim to be a bridge of connection between Hispanic culture and the rest of the world. Spanish is one of the most important languages 鈥嬧媤orldwide, for this reason its relevance both academically and professionally increases day by day. In addition to this, Hispanic culture is one of the richest and most varied thanks to the large number of countries that it encompasses within its wide range.

I explain how the SPANiCENTER blog works. In this blog you will find different types of content that will help you get in touch with Spanish in every way. Through this Spanish blog, you are going to improve the Spanish grammar and your vocabulary, learn curiosities about some places where Spanish is spoken and of course, a lot of Hispanic culture.

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As we all know, to learn a language it is necessary to know its grammar and vocabulary. But this does not have to be hard and boring work. In this Spanish blog you will find clear and simple explanations about grammar at all levels. The vocabulary can also seem a bit tedious if we limit ourselves to endless meaningless lists. But here we will know the Spanish vocabulary in a more visual and fun way.

If you like our content but feel that you need more personalized help, do not hesitate to take the Spanish level test completely free. In addition, the second part of the level test is an oral test, totally free!

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While it is true that not everything is grammar and culture goes much further. For this reason, in this blog you will see a lot of Hispanic culture through songs, movies, series, books, etc. All this teaching material is carefully selected so that it is better adapted to the different levels of learning Spanish. From this material, activities are carried out that help optimize the resources we use. Thanks to all this cultural content, learning Spanish will also be complete, much more fun!

However, if what you are passionate about is seeing the world around you, we can also help you with that. In this Spanish blog you will find the most beautiful and interesting cities where Spanish is spoken. Thanks to our blog you will know the best places to visit in each city and everything that these places can offer you both at a tourist and cultural level. Remember that the countries where Spanish is spoken are very diverse and each one can offer you countless possibilities for fun and culture. 馃寧 馃實

So I encourage you to follow our news every week. You can also stay up to date with everything that happens in the world of Spanish by following our social networks.

And of course, we are at your disposal for any questions and if you want a personalized treatment in your Spanish learning needs. Take a look at our individual and totally personalized Spanish courses.


Un gran saludo para todos y鈥 隆nos vemos pronto!


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