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spanish musicHola a tod@s y bienvenid@s de nuevo a un blog sobre Spanish Music. Music is a universal art form. Without realizing it, we are listening to music almost all day long. Sometimes it’s music we like, our favorite musicians or bands; and sometimes it’s background music that we do not pay much attention to.

In Spanish-speaking countries, there are strong musical traditions which can be very interesting if you want to expand your cultural knowledge about these places (we will see in future posts).

However, in this post we will focus on today’s relevant Spanish-speaking groups and singers who will no doubt have a song that you like. You can use them to expand your vocabulary, see examples of grammar use, and you can even try to sing and practice your accent!

Music is very helpful to become familiar with different Spanish accents. Thanks to the songs being short, doing activities with them is very entertaining and fun.

Some of the examples that we will see are very famous, but others might turn out to be great discoveries for you.

Let’s have fun!

Examples of music in Spanish

spanish musicShakira – Colombia.

She is a singer-songwriter and record producer. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, today her fame is absolutely international. Shakira is one of the highest-selling record artists in history. Billboard magazine has placed his career as one of the most consolidated in the history of Latin America, placing three of his singles among the twenty most important in the history of Billboard, «Chantaje» «La tortura» and «Suerte» placing them in positions # 6 # 7 and # 16. Among her main records, she became the first artist in VEVO history to achieve more than 100 million views with the same song in two versions, an achievement she has repeated several times; first with «Waka Waka (Esto es África)», then with «La La La (Brasil 2014)», followed by «Loba» and «Suerte» and finally with «Loca» in both the English and Spanish versions.

In this case, we will look at a song in collaboration with Carlos Vives. He is another very important Colombian singer-songwriter.

La bicicleta. It won the Latin Grammy for Best Song of the Year in 2016.

spanish musicJesse & Joy – Mexico.

A Latin pop, pop rock and folk duo, formed in 2005 by brothers Jesse Eduardo Huerta Uecke and Tirzah Joy Huerta. They are two brothers born in Mexico. Jesse on December 31, 1982 and Joy on June 20, 1986. From a young age, both began to demonstrate their taste for music, but it was in 2001 when they decided to fight for their dream and began to write songs with their father. Soon those songs would have a good reception from their friends, who even asked them for CD copies of the songs they played and recorded by hand. One of those copies reached the hands of a label, and thus, on April 18, 2005, Jesse and Joy made the dream of being part of the exclusive cast of Warner Music come true.

Dueles. This song was released in 2016.

spanish musicDiego Torres – Argentina.

He is an Argentine singer-songwriter and musician, specializing in the Latin pop genere. In cinema he participated in six films, among which the most outstanding were his protagonists in La furia, La venganza and Extraños en la noche, among others.

He released a total of eight studio albums, two compilation albums and one live album, with high sales in Argentina, America and Europe, and has sold more than 20 million albums throughout his career, according to his record producer Sony Music (2015 ). Winner of ten Gardel Awards, three Latin Grammy and three MTV Latin America awards, among others.

Among his greatest musical hits are «Tratar de estar mejor», «Penélope», «Alba», «La última noche», «Color esperanza», «Sueños», «Usted», «Andando», «Guapa» y «Mi corazón se fue, among many others. During his singing career, he has had an extensive record of success, a record of consecutive performances at Luna Park, being the only Argentine pop artist to fill stadiums with River and Vélez. Diego Torres obtained Gold and multiplatinum records throughout Latin America.

Color esperanza. This song was released in 2001, but it’s so positive that we couldn’t leave it out. It’s certain to brighten your day.

spanish musicBuika – Spain.

Her full name is María Concepción Balboa Buika. She is a Spanish singer, although she’s been living in the United States for several years. Her songs are in Spanish, and they have a very interesting flamenco fusion style. In 2008 her fourth album, «Niña de Fuego», catapulted her international career. After a few concerts in Los Angeles, Miami and New York, the album received two nominations for the 2008 Latin Grammy Awards, such as «Álbum del año» and «Mejor producción». A special edition of the album was put up for sale accompanied by a book of Buika’s poems illustrated by self-portraits

No habrá nadie en el mundo. This song was released in 2008. It is a fusion of flamenco and traditional Spanish music with a modern style.

To maximize your learning with each song, it is advisable to read the lyrics at least once or twice to make sure you understand it well.

Even if this is not possible, you can always enjoy good music in Spanish!


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