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spanish seriesHola a tod@s y bienvenid@s de nuevo a un blog sobre Series in Spanish. In this blog of Spanish Culture we are going to present some series in Spanish that will help you a lot to improve and practice your Spanish, at the same time that you spend a very very entertaining time! We all know that the series provide us with a very interesting leisure variant. Because of their short duration, they are much easier to practice a non-native language. Today we can find countless series both on television and on streaming video platforms.

It is the latter that will serve us the most for our purpose of improving our Spanish. On this type of platform, be it Netflix, HBO, PrimeVideo, etc. We find the possibility of changing the language in which to watch the series, for this reason it is best to watch the series in Spanish and select the subtitles according to our level of language skills.

Tips (Consejos)

Some tips to make the most of your time are that you must be realistic with your level of Spanish. It is useless to start watching a series in the original version if we understand absolutely nothing and we are going to surrender to the second chapter. From this point of view it will be much more productive to select the subtitles to start practicing listening comprehension of Spanish. When the time comes and you are ready, you will be able to watch the series completely in its original version without any help..  


As for the subtitles, it is also very important to decide if we are going to use them in their original version or in our native language. Although in principle we have the feeling that it is of no use to us, using subtitles in our native language can serve to introduce us more comfortably in these series in Spanish. When we feel ready we must make the move to Spanish subtitles. Although it is true that it is convenient to try to make this happen as soon as possible to make the most of the time. consequently

At the moment that we are using the subtitles also in Spanish, there is a point that we must take into account, sometimes the subtitles will not exactly match the audio. This is because, generally, the subtitles in original version are developed by professionals for people with hearing problems. In this sense, sometimes the dialogue is simplified to provide the nuances that are lost by not being able to listen to the audio. This is not a problem, but we must take it into account so as not to think that we are understanding audio more.


Best series in Spanish

Here is a list of some of the best Spanish-speaking series. In this case they correspond to series from Spain and Mexico. Soon we will make the list of series from other Spanish-speaking countries.  

La casa de papel   (España)

Currently, this is one of the best Spanish series. Because this series has 4 seasons. First of all, it is very exciting and interesting, with very strong characters. Later, the plot is very novel and is full of surprises. Therefore, you will not be bored for a minute during their chapters. The story is about a gang of thieves who have problems and want to improve their lives. For this they decide to make a very large robbery. But things go wrong and they have to fight for their lives. 

Élite  (España)

When three working-class youth enroll in an exclusive private institute, the differences between them and wealthy students will lead to murder. When three working-class youths enroll in an exclusive private institute, the differences between them and wealthy students will lead to murder. This youth series is based on class difference at an elite institute. In short, it is very interesting.

Las chicas del cable  (España)

In this series, in Madrid in the 1920s, we see a group of girls who want to live by their own rules. These girls are very different, just like their problems. In addition to the personal lives of the protagonists, we can know what life was like in such an important historical moment in Spain and know everything that happened.

Monarca  (México)

After 20 years, Ana María returns to Mexico and struggles to control the family empire of tequila, which is in danger of succumbing drowned by corruption and secrets.

Diablero  (México)

This series takes place in a big city, where a priest desperate to find a missing girl joins a demon hunter and his motley team on a mission from another world. In this fictional program we will discover an exciting underworld.


In conclusion, after these tips and the different series options that I have presented to you. I can only wish you have a fun time. Do not forget that every learning and improvement process takes time. So if you are constant you will reach your goals very quickly. 


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